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Obama Pic of the Day! #TCOT

I Like It...

I Luv It...

I want some more of it!



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Obama Speaks and the DOW plunges... #TCOT

Apparently while Obama is blaming everyone else for the "S&P Downgrade" (First time in the History of the USA that we've been downgraded!) the stock market is downgrading Obama.

518 pts down now as of 2:49PM.

BTW When some liberal spouts how Obama inherited a bad financial deal from President Bush you can tell them Obama also inherited a AAA+ S&P rating.

Remember folks Obama wanted a CLEAN DEBT CEILING DEAL. It was the Tea Party who drug him kicking and screaming to the table and got him to agree to CUTTING SPENDING!

S&P downgraded because we didn't cut enough.

Bottom Line The S & P downgrade is an:


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How to make a liberal foam at the mouth. #tcot

Want to know how to make a liberal foam at the mouth?

Show 'em this:

Nuff said...

Next argument...

Mad Dawgg


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Death Threats after Obamacare passage? DUH! #TCOT

Democrats are in a tizzy because they are getting death threats after passing Obamacare.

Here is Democlown Steny Hoyer prattling on about the threats:

One wonders what planet these idiots live on?

Lets consider a few things:

First numerous polls have shown nearly 60% of the USA want no part of Obamacare for more than one reason.


Obamacare will raise premiums on already existing insurance plans because of added costs (as per the CBO)

Obamacare taxes at 40% those that have good insurance already.

Obamacare adds to the already overburdened individual State's Medicaid rolls thus assuring States will either have to cut services or raise taxes.

Obamacare forces people to buy insurance if their Employer does not provide it and places the IRS in charge of collecting fees via tax penalties (which we all know will include property seizures eventually)

Obamacare Funds Abortions!

Apparently non of our current crop of Democlowns knows their American history. We Americans started a revolution and a war over a 1 penny per page Stamp Tax.

ts are lucky they haven't already been dipped in tar and doused with feathers and stuck on a rail for an impromptu parade around the capital building! Geesh!!!

Nuff said...

Next argument...

Mad Dawgg


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MSNBC Has Their Panties In A Bunch About Gov. Palin's Hand #tcot

You would think the yabos at MSNBC would figure out they are the laughingstock of Cable News, but I guess no one has told them yet. Now they are all a twitter about Gov. Palin jotting down some talking points on her hand. She wrote down a few topics she wanted to speak about while giving a speech at the Tea Party Convention held this past weekend. What has got the MSNBC goobers all upset is that she wrote them on the palm of her hand:

First Andrea Mitchell mocked Gov. Palin on MSNBC's "Morning Joe":

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Ms. Mitchell is what passes for a Professional Journalist at MSNBC. is it any wonder their ratings are sinking fast. I wonder if Andrea feels a bit of envy for Gov. Palin's Popularity? Maybe she acts out in an effort to garner some attention herself. Lets help her out!

Hey Andrea here is a Palm Message just for you going out live on the internet for all to see:

Next on our hit parade is Chrissy Matthews. You may remember him for his gushing praise for POTUS Obama's speaking abilities when he said:

"I felt this thrill going up my leg. I mean, I don’t have that too often….And that is an objective assessment.”
Sure Chris whatever you say dude. Anyhow back to the point, Chirs had a go at Gov. Palin on his show Hardball. (yeah his show is still on the air even though he frequently ranks dead last in the Cable News Network ratings...)

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Poor Chris, I think he is suffering from the same malady affecting poor Andrea Mitchell. He really is looking for something to spark some ratings maybe we can help him out with his own Hand-Gate story. OK Chris here is a plug for you also, going out live on the Internet for all to see:

Nuff Said...

Next Argument...

Mad Dawgg


And the hits keep coming!

Now White House Press Secretary Robert "Baghdad Bob" Gibbs:

has made his own foray into Hand-Gate:

Well now, Bob must have got the word about Andrea and Chrissy getting their own Hand-gate Palm messages. He must want a little Hand-Gate Lovin' too!

So here is one just for you Bob:

Nuff Said...

Next Argument...

Mad Dawgg

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